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Sharps Furniture

Client & Project Background


Sharps Bedrooms is a privately owned fitted bedroom and home office retailer and manufacturer. The company has 77 showrooms across the United Kingdom. Pixel Linx worked with Sharps to connect revenue data to optimisation for leads, increasing ROI by 20% and lead volumes by over 56%.

Pixel Linx worked with Sharps to connect revenue data to optimisation for leads, increasing ROI by 20% and lead volumes by over 56%.




Sharps recognised that the audience they were speaking to was narrowing - and that their existing digital activity needed to be refreshed.

Sharps turned to Pixel Linx to overhaul and relaunch their digital marketing channels. Sharps challenged Pixel Linx to drive a full funnel, omni-channel strategy. The core of it would be to form a new and innovative way of delivering ads which would drive leads with a better conversion rate to revenue.

Sharps briefed Pixel Linx to prove and improve: prove new digital channels and audience reach, and improve the quality of leads which digital drives for the business.

Pixel Linx worked with Kenshoo campaign management platform to work out how to use Sharps’ database of leads, home visits and revenue. At the core of the brief was to find a new technical solution which could drive a reporting and optimisation process to drive revenue and transform Sharps's marketing.

Pixel Linx drew up a strategy to connect and select:


Connect data points and optimise to select the right leads for the business. With joined up data we could increase audience reach while confidently deriving new, path-breaking KPIs.

Pixel Linx knew that we really had to prioritise the further scope for brand awareness and performance remarketing to amplify digital reach - YouTube’s relaunch with new action orientated ads became a clear top priority.

To address the core development brief of connecting revenue data back to leads and to campaigns, we worked with Kenshoo and Sharps on their Salesforce implementation in order to track clicks to leads, and then return the status of the leads through to sales and revenue.

Tracking and optimising to revenue across channels led to ROI increasing by 20%, with the volume of leads up 56%.

The success of the ‘connect and select’ strategy for using data and driving up return on digital spend has led to a more dynamic and transparent media planning strategy at Sharps.


The Pixel Linx team has also expanded to deliver more campaigns and development in 2022, with all new channels including YouTube now switched to ‘always on’. The team has also led the omni-channel drive in the agency, with other clients also joining up their data and working in partnership with Pixel Linx on KPI workshops to ensure that they are focusing advertising budget where it can reach new audiences and drive up sales.


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